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Wood Borer Pest Control Services in Worli

Wood borers are insects that attack and cause serious damage to the wooden structure and furniture of a property. Properties constructed with natural wood are at high risk of wood borer attacks. Wood-boring beetles, like Auger, Jewel, Stag, and Pinhole Borers etc. are called “Wood Borers”.However interesting their names may sound you sure would want to keep them away from your homes and offices.

Borer Treatment Options:

This treatment will kill the adult beetles as they emerge from the timber before they have an opportunity to mate and reinfest. Due to the lifecycle of Borers, it is strongly recommended to have the initial treatment and two further treatments at 12 month intervals to cover the full lifecycle period.

Most of the Indian houses have furniture made of wood or composites of wood. Hence they are at high risk from wood-boring insect infestation.The holes created by the borer larvae allow easy penetration of water, which increases the damage and rot by fungi.The larvae of the wood borer are as small as a dot, they are almost invisible to the eyes. They enter the wood and lives inside it eating the wood from within. After staying inside the wood and eating it away for around 2–3 years the adult borer tries to come out of the wood.

Working Process in Worli?

Before you approach us you should check that is there any wood borer eggs, Bore dust on any of the wood furniture in your house. Bombay Pesticides Services experts will examine whether the woodworms and beetles have left the wood, you can either seal the wood with a sealant or replace the woods.If you have an active infestation, you will need to treat the wood with a borate-based product.To kill the Wood borers and remove their breeding eggs.